Tinning , roofing and other our services

Tinning services

The company provides various profile tinplating services. We make tin fences, balcony railings, we tin roofs of the house. Smooth tin for sale too.

Smooth tin for sale


Roof tinning, buildings facade tinning

Tin fence producing

Tin windowsills

Rain drain systems

Chimney liners

Trade of roofing tin

We sell our manufactured and ordered roofing. We can offer Classic roofing, Rolled roofing, tile imitation, etc.

Classic roofing

Our company is currently producing one of the leading classic roofing products

Rolled roofing

We sell our rolled roofing

Imitation of roof tiles

We sell steel roofing, which is an imitation of roof tiles

Other services

Our company provides roofing and maintenance services

Roof Coating

We provide Roofing services

Roof maintenance and repair

We carry out roof repair works for new clients and provide further maintenance of the roofing after the completed covering works

Chimney cleaning

We provide chimney cleaning services